Who Are We?

We are your Social Media Team.

We are AWESOME at Social Media.

We are in fact the very same people over at teamsocial.co.uk – We are a team of social media experts that carry out social media marketing and management for huge UK brands.

We created ‘Quick Social Media’ for small business owners that don’t have the big complicated requirements or the budgets of these multi-million pound businesses but DO understand that their businesses should be posting regularly to their social media accounts.

Our years of experience mean we know how to make your social media rock! We look after 100’s of social media accounts so we already know what will work for your business.

It takes just 10 minutes to sign up with ‘Quick Social Media’. Once we get your order we start creating your content.

Enough About Us.

You run a business. You didn’t get into business to spend time messing about on social media. You know your business needs to be using social media. One day you’ll do it all yourself. Until then you need your social media up to speed quickly.

Great! We’ll take care of it until you’re ready.



Is That All?

Nope. When you choose us for your social media marketing you get access to a whole range of optional social media expertise as and when you need it:

Social Media Consultancy
Social Media Training
Social Media Advertising
Social Media Management
Social Media Videos

Powerful yet simple.

It’s the perfect service for you if you’re:

Too busy to do it.
Don’t know how to do it.
Simply can’t be bothered to do it.

Company Information

Team Social Media Ltd
Registered in England and Wales.
Company Number: 11353809
Registered Address: 40 Bridge Road, Lowestoft, Suffolk, NR31 3LR

A whole new experience

Let’s take your Business to a new level on Social Media.